Find Your Perfect Fit at Custom Costumes

Find Your Perfect Fit at Custom Costumes

Get a costume made just for you

Do you need a costume for an upcoming event? Don’t waste time or money on badly designed costumes that don’t fit properly. Order a costume that’s tailor-made just for you at Custom Costumes in Rochester, MN. We offer stunning, one-of-a-kind costumes that are great for any event or party.

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3 steps to a beautiful custom costume

Are the costumes you find in big-box stores ill-fitting or poorly made? Our custom costumes are designed to fit you like a glove. Count on Custom Costumes for a custom-made costume. Our design process has three steps:

1. Make an appointment with us far in advance, so we have time to design the perfect costume for you.
2. Meet with us to discuss your costume design, so it’s perfectly tailored to fit your vision.
3. Pick up your custom costume in 6-8 weeks when the design is complete.

Ready to impress everyone on the guest list at your next party or event? Contact Custom Costumes today, and we’ll get started on your custom design. Call 507-281-3777 to make an appointment.